Welcome to GDM Software

Mobile workforces and remote locations give companies the challenge of trusting employees to store their data – such as documents, PDF’s, spreadsheets and other vital information – correctly. However much vital information ends up stored on the desktop or other convenient locations and put companies in a constant risk of losing valuable information.

With Global Data Management Software (GDM Software) you will never have to worry about losing vital data again.

GDM Software is an easy to install and manage cloud-based application that automatically search, back-up and manage data-files from any remote unit. The GDM Software solution gives you:

  • Automated back-up – no vital data is ever lost
  • Cloud-based Software as a Service that is easy to scale up or down
  • Keeps data easy accessible from any location
  • Easy and fast administration module – you set your own rules
  • Application based – no hassle for end-users
  • Speed and simplicity that does not slow down or interfere with your existing environment